Day Care Center (DC)


DC has a spacious place in the new SFSCH. There are 60 children enrolled for this year. It is free day care centre for the most vulnerable children from the neighbourhood they are given free education, study materials and midday meal.

Village Kids outreach programme (VOP)

Foster is supporting economically poor children of the neighbouring villages by supporting them in their education by giving them study materials.

Children’s Home


It was started in the year 2002, to cater the needs of needy and vulnerable children. At present we have a new home for our children at Ipuli Ulundi Street. There are 35 children’s staying in our children’s home and  couple of them  are attached to this home and doing their studies in different place doing their studies.25 of  them are  doing their studies at St. Francis De Sales Mission School and rest are doing their studies at Marengo Primary school. It has got five staffs to care for children. In the new home it has got spacious rooms, enough pace for play, neat and tidy atmosphere for children’s growth.

Mermier Boys Home


Mermier Girls Home


MGH was stated in the year 2009,Last year Mermier Girls Home had 86 girls, out of that 16 of them was of the primary and rest of them was of the secondary school. We could really achieve our Vision of empowering the girls by giving them opportunity for quality education and conducive environment for their physical, spiritual, psychological intellectual and social integral growth. We had   six full time staff and a sister from St. Joseph sisters of Annecy is the in charge of the Girls Home in   helping us in our daily running. This year we have got 110 girls and seven staffs.


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