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Profile of a Fransalian Student

A Fransalian student is a member of a Fransalian Institute of Education established and managed by the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales.

A Fransalian student:

  • Knows about St. Francis de Sales, Fr. Mermier and the MSFS Congregation.
  • Believes in the dictum: “Education of the Heart is the Heart of Education”.
  • Believes and trusts in God and prays daily.
  • Fosters good health and respects life.
  • Is meek, humble and Strong in Character.
  • Practices virtues of optimism, gentleness, humility and hospitality.
  • Practices charity in thought, word and deed.
  • Speaks truly, deals truly and lives truly.
  • Is studious, responsible and duty conscious.
  • Works hard to be of genuine service to others.
  • Dresses neatly, arrives punctually and behaves politely.
  • Respects elders, parents, teachers and classmates.
  • Promotes peace, harmony and nonviolence.
  • Fosters patriotism and combats adversity.
  • Accepts and respects cultural, religious and linguistic diversity.
  • Fights corruption and promotes social justice and equality.
  • Nurtures nature and is eco-friendly.
  • Upholds the ethos of the ‘Alma Mater’ in high esteem.
  • Follows the motto: “for God and my Country”.

Profile of a Fransalian Teacher:

A Fransalian Teacher:

  • Is one who belongs to the teaching community and one who shares the vision and mission of Fransalian Education.
  • Understands that the school is managed by the MSFS who attaches inmense importance to values and virtues while educating and partners with them.
  • Learns about MSFS congregation, the life and works of SFS, the patron and Fr. Mermier, the founder.
  • Remains an integral part of the institution and commits oneself totally and wholly to the tasks entrusted to oneself by the competent authority of the educational institution.
  • Co-operates with the head of the institution for the welfare of the students.
  • Considers teaching not merely as a profession but also a mission with passion, a mission not by chance but by choice.
  • Undertakes the training and formation of the heart is the heart of education.
  • Updates oneself with the best methods of pedagogy, latest technology and becomes innovative in teaching.
  • Prepares lessons thoroughly to make the class interesting, informative, educative and attractive.
  • Remains a model by one’s very life as a disciplined and lifelong learner, a gospel to the students to emulate.
  • Pays individual attention to each and every student in the class, making education inclusive.
  • Takes remedial measures if any one of the students is found wanting or lagging.
  • Is a team person and works collaboratively with the rest of the staff, both teaching and non-teaching.
  • Speaks well of the institution and remains loyal.
  • Listens patiently and understandingly, establishing cordial relations with the parents.
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